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Inspire, Innovate, Invigorate

Issue 1:

  • Who Is the First-Year IUPUI Undergraduate
  • The Significance of Philanthropy
  • Donors Impact Lives
  • Classroom Experiences Upgrade to Enhance Learning

Issue 2:

  • Facts about SAAB/SAAS
  • Your Donations Go DEAP
  • Digging DEAP Reaps Rewards
  • SAAS and SAAB Students Speak Out about DEAP

Issue 3:

  • Facts about SPAN
  • Don't Just Prepare for College—Immerse Yourself in It
  • Speaking Out about SPAN
  • Opportunities for Giving

Issue 4:

  • IUPUI Student Support Services Student Retention 2010–2011
  • The Realness of a Student
  • Speaking Out about Student Support Services
  • Student Support Services—The Name Says It All
  • Opportunities for Giving

Issue 5:

  • Improved GPAs and Higher Rates of Course Completion
  • Speaking Out about the Bepko Learning Center
  • Bepko Learning Center Stats
  • Opportunities for Giving

Issue 6:

  • Summer Bridge Program
  • Opportunities for Giving
  • Speaking Out about the Summer Bridge Program
  • Summer Bridge Program Stats